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COSMOS is a management tool personalise for your website. It fits exactly to your needs. It's also easy to added a new section when the site grows.

What are the best online casinos in Canada? Canada is recognized as one of the nations with the highest number of online casino gaming enthusiasts. Online casino experts at CasinosWorld know this perfectly well, which is why they have carried out an exhaustive analysis of the best canadian online casinos of 2021 available in the country.

CasinosWorld has taken into account important factors when choosing the best online gambling sites for Canadians:

Regulation: They only accept approved and authorized online casinos;

Superior Customer Service: CasinosWorld experts have tested, examined and approved the specific brands;

Game Selection: It is important to look for a wide, varied and quality game offer;

Deposit Options: All recommended casinos should provide you with the best payment methods;

Deposit and Withdrawal Times: The site only recommends casinos with a history of guaranteed payout times.

In addition to recommending you the best online casino sites, CasinosWorld will tell you a little about the history of gambling in Canada, the regulations that exist in the country regarding this activity and the concept of responsible gambling, a very important aspect that you should take into account when embarking on this adventure.


Nowadays, the presence on the web is the new showcase for the company. It is therefore important that this window is attractive, fast and efficient.

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The optimization process allows a company to increase productivity and reduce repetitive tasks. We offer to meet this optimization need by centralizing these processes as a web application.


Whether it is to create your logo, advertising development or design of your website, in collaboration with Aeris Design, Icotopia offers solutions for all your graphic needs.

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Referencing of a website allows it to obtain a better ranking in search engines. This process has become an art in itself and requires expertise to achieve the best results.


It is not always easy to find an accommodation that is both affordable and responsive to our specific needs. That is why we offer customized and affordable solutions for different hosting situation.


With the internet, the potential clientele becomes huge and multilingual it is necessary therefore to provide communications accordingly.